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When a death occurs, there are many decisions and tasks to manage, usually within a short timeframe and often while under emotional strain. That’s why pre-planning can be so helpful.

The Catholic Cemeteries will not, under any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organizations.

Planning ahead brings peace of mind.

Pre-planning ensures that wishes are made known and that survivors are spared the stress of making last-minute decisions while grieving. Our professional Family Service Specialists are available to meet with you at a convenient time to guide you through everything involved with the pre-planning process. There is no obligation to make a purchase. 

Pre-planning FAQ

What is pre-planning?

Pre-planning is making your cemetery and funeral arrangements prior to death. This allows wishes to be known and eliminates the incredible burden on loved ones during the very stressful and painful hours after a loved one’s death. Pre-planning is a concrete sign of love and respect for surviving family members. The Catholic Cemeteries Family Service Specialists are trained to assist in this important task.

What are the benefits of pre-planning?

The most obvious benefit is that you will relieve your loved ones of the burden of making your cemetery and funeral arrangements at a time of tremendous grief. Your advance planning will give your family the guidance they need to feel comfortable that they are carrying out the decisions you made.

Pre-planning may prevent disagreement among survivors at an emotionally charged time and can assure that emotional over-spending does not occur. By preplanning and prefunding cemetery and funeral arrangements, you may be creating exempt assets should you ever have to go on public assistance.

The costs of cemetery property have been escalating at the rate of 100% every ten years. By purchasing in advance, you are locking in a today’s pricing.

At what age should I consider preplanning cemetery and funeral arrangements? Adults of any age who make their own decisions should have a plan. Like your will, it can be revised throughout your life as needs change. In general, the earlier you pre-plan the more options you have. Your cemetery and funeral options will probably never cost less than they do today. Statistics show that 43% of all deaths are unexpected; we are not guaranteed any tomorrows.

In our culture, few families are comfortable discussing death and loss. This is just one of those things that does not get easier as time goes by. Now is the best time for you to get your plan in order.

Why should I choose to be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

First and foremost, Catholic cemeteries are a vital part of our Church’s heritage of caring for and burying the bodies of the dead in blessed ground — one of the corporal works of mercy.

Since our cemeteries are an extension of the ministry provided in your parish community, our Catholic cemeteries are gathering places of remembrance, consolation and communal support. The Eucharist is celebrated in the cemeteries at times during the year. Religious symbols, which are expressive of our heritage of faith, are seen throughout our cemeteries. A caring staff dedicated to the mission of serving God’s people tends the grounds and offices.

Choosing a Catholic cemetery as a final resting place is a statement of your belief that, even in death, the people of God await the resurrection of the body and everlasting life. Your Catholic cemetery gives you a place where your loved ones can come to remember you and all generations past and future.

What are my burial options?

The Catholic Cemeteries offers both traditional ground, above-ground, natural burial, and cremation burial options as well as private family mausoleums.

What does it cost to be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

The many options available vary in cost. That is why our professionally trained Family Service Specialists are available to assist you in finding the option that is right for your family. The Catholic Cemeteries offers several payment options for cemetery property for those who pre-plan.