Our History

Serving Since 1856

Our Catholic Cemeteries date back to 1856 and began with Calvary Cemetery, which had two different locations before finally settling in its current placement on Front Avenue. A year later St. Anthony’s Cemetery was established, first as a parish cemetery and then under the care of The Catholic Cemeteries. It was followed by St. Mary’s Cemetery in 1873. Then our two largest cemeteries were founded, Resurrection in 1940 and Gethsemane in 1961. We are proud to be the final resting places of tens of thousands of our sisters and brothers in Christ, where a walk through our grounds is a journey through time and the special lives that have touched our local community and the world beyond.

Images courtesy of the Archdiocesan archives

St. Mary’s Cemetery (1906)

Archbishop Bryne at the Calvary Cemetery Memorial Day celebration (1971)

Msgr. Cleary Monument at St. Mary’s Cemetery (1939)

History Mendota Heights MN Cemetery

Gethsemane Cemetery (1961)

Calvary Cemetery (1906)

The Mortuary Chapel at Calvary Cemetery (1906)