Ways to Donate

Give the gift of remembrance

There are many ways to donate to fund our mission to provide beautiful places of prayer and remembrance, as well as our ministry to those who mourn. All donors are recognized annually in The Catholic Cemeteries’ Heritage newsletter. Gifts either in honor or in memory of a loved one are welcome.

All gifts to The Catholic Cemeteries are tax deductible.

Unrestricted Donation

By donating to this fund, you entrust us to direct the funds where they are needed most. At any given time, our five locations may be in need any number of services so we are most grateful for the latitude this fund grants us. 

Statuary and Beautification Fund

Our beautiful grounds are blessed statuary elements that require regular upkeep and maintenance. Help us keep The Catholic Cemeteries beautiful! 

John Ireland Memorial Tree Fund

This is an area of exceptional need because storms and diseases have taken a toll over the years on the cemeteries’ trees and plants. Gifts to this fund help with the planting of new trees, landscaping and shrubbery throughout the cemeteries.

Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Compassionate Assistance Fund

In honor of Archbishop Flynn’s pastoral concern for families, this fund helps cover the associated costs of burial for families who are unable to pay for burial services. 

Children’s Memorial & Healing Garden at Resurrection

This children’s memorial at Resurrection Cemetery is a place that acknowledges the painful losses of the infants and children who have died, and honors the grieving that is essential for our wholeness.

Children’s Memorial & Healing Garden at Gethsemane

At Gethemane Cemetery, the Children’s Memorial and Prayer Garden offers bereaved families of every faith a reverent and sacred place of remembrance.

The Peaceable Kingdom Garden at Resurrection Cemetery

This Garden serves as a place of prayer and reflection for anyone who seeks comfort following a loss.

Permanent Care Fund

The purpose of a Permanent Care Fund is to provide funds for cemetery care and maintenance at such point in time as the cemetery is full and no longer generating any income.