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A Remembrance of Loved Ones Who Died

This Past Year

December’s Mass of Remembrance has been cancelled at both Resurrection and Gethsemane cemeteries this year due to ongoing Covid-19 and flu concerns. We hope to resume the Mass again next year. We remember and honor the people who have passed away between November 1, 2021 to November 1, 2022 by recalling their names here. We wish you peace, healing and comfort, particularly during this holiday season.

Bringing Them Home

This year The Catholic Cemeteries offered a one-time opportunity for anyone in the Twin Cities who had cremated remains at home to permanently place them in a communal crypt at either Resurrection or Gethsemane Cemetery. This ministry allows some peace of mind in knowing a loved one will be permanently cared for, as well as having a place where the whole family can come and memorialize that individual. A committal service was held at each cemetery on Tuesday, November 1st. The service at Resurrection Cemetery was led by Archbishop Hebda in the Chapel Mausoleum and was recorded. Click on the video to watch this service.

Planning ahead brings peace of mind.

Pre-planning ensures that wishes are made known and that survivors are spared the stress of making last-minute decisions while grieving. Our professional Family Service Specialists are available to meet with you at a convenient time to guide you through everything involved with the pre-planning process. There is no obligation to make a purchase. 

Thank you for joining us for the Historic Tours at Calvary Cemetery!

The past two months we have held multiple Historic Tours of Calvary Cemetery, with almost 100 participants attending and learning about the past lives of those at rest within our St. Paul cemetery. Our thanks to local historian Mary Benton Hummel for her insight and enthusiasm, and thank you to everyone who joined us!