Decorations & Seasonal Tributes

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths may be ordered through The Catholic Cemeteries beginning in November and are placed at grave locations by The Catholic Cemeteries staff.

Memorial Day

While purchasing Memorial Day tributes from The Catholic Cemeteries is currently on hold, we invite you to visit our cemeteries and to place your decorations. See “Rules” below.

Decoration Rules

For a bilingual English/Spanish printable version of our decorations policy, please click here.


To better serve all families who entrust their beloved to our care and visit this cemetery, and to maintain your Catholic cemetery in a neat and presentable manner, we have instituted the following guidelines:

  • Decorating the grave with fresh cut flowers is welcomed and encouraged. Permanent flower vases may be purchased at the cemetery office.
  • To protect both visitors and cemetery workers from injury during operation of heavy equipment used to cut grass and maintain the cemetery, artificial flowers are not permitted in the cemeteries during the mowing season (April through October), except in monument vases, if securely anchored in the vase.
  • Glass containers are not permitted at any burial site at any time.
  • Artificial flowers, decorations or other ornaments are allowed during the days immediately before and after Memorial Day, or at the discretion of the Cemetery management.
  • Natural evergreen wreaths are permitted from November through early March, and may be purchased through the cemetery office.
  • No planting of any kind may be done in the ground at grave sites; decorations deemed objectionable can be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery management.
  • No food or beverages may be left unattended
  • Flowers, plants and decorations placed on graves during the mowing season of April through October will be removed weekly in order to carry out the normal lawn care and maintenance procedures.
  • Special occasions such as holidays or holy days may necessitate special rules and instructions; please contact the cemetery office for assistance.
  • Only cemetery approved and supplied flower vases and emblems are permitted on mausoleum crypt or niche faces. Please visit the cemetery office to inquire about these flower vases and emblems. All other vases, emblems, and other decorations will be deemed inappropriate and removed.
  • Flowers placed at the time of an interment will be left a minimum of three days. Due to insects, flowers left in the chapel mausoleums will be removed after the interment; in addition, fresh flowers are not permitted in vases inside the chapel mausoleums.
  • It is recommended that potted plants from funerals not be left in the cemetery since they will be discarded. The Catholic Cemeteries cannot accept responsibility for ensuring that flowers and other decorations remain in place.
  • Each week during the growing season cemetery personnel remove unsightly (wilted flowers) decorations from graves, crypts and niches. Normally, spring clean-up begins in early March, weather permitting, and all winter decorations are removed at this time. Fall clean-up begins in October and all summer decorations are removed at this time.
  • Bronze flower vases which are recessed in the ground and which can be inverted when empty are permitted in our cemeteries. These bronze vases must be inverted to prevent damage outside the growing season (November to March) when weather conditions are such that they are difficult to invert or be seen when preparing for burials.
  • It is not possible for cemetery employees to attend all areas of the cemeteries during normal cemetery hours. There are occasions when flowers and decorations have been stolen. The cemetery cannot assume any liability for decorations placed on burial sites. We recommend that families take this into consideration when selecting flowers or decorations for graves, crypts or niches.

The Catholic Cemeteries will not, under any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organizations.