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Welcome to The Catholic Cemeteries

About The Catholic Cemeteries

The Catholic Cemeteries is a separate corporation that manages five cemeteries that serve Catholic families and provides consultation support to parish-owned cemeteries. The Catholic Cemeteries receives no financial support from the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis or any other organizations. Our funding is derived from the sale of graves, crypts, memorials, and service fees. Dedicated to caring for our cemeteries in perpetuity, the Permanent Care Fund of The Catholic Cemeteries is professionally managed. The Permanent Care Fund is funded by the sale of burial rights; 20% of each ground burial sale and 10% of each crypt or niche sale is invested in the fund.

Our mission

The mission of The Catholic Cemeteries is to ensure the proper interment, memorialization and perpetual care in the tradition of the corporal works of mercy of the Catholic Church.

The call to comfort those who mourn is at the heart of our Catholic Cemeteries. Such a call is shared by all believing people who, in time of sorrow, remember the Risen Christ.

Because we need to present Catholic Cemeteries as quality facilities, the Cemeteries staff must be a comforting and welcoming presence reflecting the compassion of Jesus.

The Catholic Cemeteries is committed to provide Christian burial for generations to come. The Catholic Cemeteries will provide the highest standard of care and service for all. All cemetery activities, whether temporal or spiritual, will be centered on the resurrection faith of the Church. The Catholic Cemeteries, in cooperation with parishes, will be places of ministry to the bereaved, of evangelization and catechesis, and of worship and prayer.

Historic Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul was founded in 1856.

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