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Scavenger Hunt 2022

Due to the popularity of last summer’s photo contest, this year The Catholic Cemeteries is having a Symbols Scavenger Hunt! You will be looking for various markers/monuments throughout our cemeteries.  We invite you to find a symbol from the list below, then take a photo of the marker/monument containing the symbol.  The photo must include the entire marker/monument showing the name(s) and other identifiable information.

The Symbols You’ll Need to Find:

  1. Alpha and Omega
  2. Angels
  3. Broken Pillar
  4. Chi-Rho (P + X) with grapes and bread (“wafers”)
  5. Draped urn
  6. Fern
  7. Hands reaching up to a hand reaching down
  8. Handshake
  9. Heart with thorns
  10. IHS
  11. Ivy or Vines
  12. Lamp (looks like incense)
  13. Open book or open bible
  14. Tree – partial or stump
  15. Wreath with wheat

Learn More

For a full list of official rules, please click on the button here. Then print out the card and start your adventure!

If you are curious to learn about more about some of the symbols you will be searching for, please see the “Gravestone Symbols & Meanings” button.

Once complete, photos and this card can be emailed to: Only PDF and JPG image files will be accepted, with “TCC Scavenger Hunt 2022 Entry” in the subject line. Deadline for submitting is August 31, 2022 and winners will be announced in September. Happy searching!

We hope you will participate!

If you have any questions, please Contact us.