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Cemetery Rules & Regulations


To better serve all families who entrust their beloved to our care and visit this cemetery, and to maintain your Catholic cemetery in a neat and presentable manner, we have instituted the following guidelines: click here.

Lots, ownership and maintenance

Persons desiring to purchase lots should visit the Cemetery where the Family Services Counselor will aid them in making a selection. (Burial Options/Contact us)

The general care of the Cemetery is assumed by The Catholic Cemeteries and includes the cutting of grass at reasonable intervals, the raking and cleaning of the grounds, and the pruning of shrubs and trees that have been placed by The Catholic Cemeteries. The general care assumed by The Catholic Cemeteries shall in no case mean the maintenance, repair or replacement of any vase, basket, bench or memorial placed or erected upon lots.

Lot owners desiring additional care of their lots may arrange for such care with the Cemetery Office, which will be glad to give an estimate of the cost of the work desired. Upon payment of the fees, Management will provide the services within a reasonable period of time.

Ongoing, additional care by the cemetery staff can be arranged by the lot owner through the establishment of an endowment created with the assistance of the Corporate Office.

The laws of the State of Minnesota govern the descent of title to cemetery lots, as well as other matters pertaining to assignments, conveyances, devises, trust deeds and inalienability. The Management will gladly assist any lot owner who desires information or advice on questions pertaining to his lot.


The Cemetery is open for interments daily, with the exception of Sundays and the following major holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

In order to maintain a high standard of care and to eliminate sunken graves caused by collapse of wooden boxes it is required that all burials be made in an approved outer burial container. All such containers must be so made and installed as to meet specifications established by the Management.

The Catholic Cemeteries reserves the right to insist upon adequate and reasonable notice prior to any interment.

The appropriate disposition of cremated remains is inurnment or entombment within an established cemetery. The scattering of cremated remains is prohibited. Other practices, such as division of cremated remains, are not in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church. (link to cremation)


A body may be removed from the single grave or lot in which burial was originally made, to another location in the Cemetery, when there has been an exchange or purchase for that purpose, but it may not be removed from the Cemetery for burial elsewhere, without the permission of the Management and of the Health Department.

Authority to make the removal must be signed by the owner of the lot from which the removal is to be made, and by the next of kin of the decedent, in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota.

In order to insure minimal damage to the cemetery grounds, and the outside container or casket, removals from the ground should not be done between November 15 and April 1 of any given year or when the ground is frozen, extremely wet or in otherwise poor condition.

Monuments and memorials

Due to the nature of memorial work, the rules governing it can be technical. Our Family Service Counselors are ready to assist you in selecting the memorial best suited to your needs.