Ways to Donate

Permanent Care Fund

Calvary and St. Mary's Cemeteries

Help maintain our cemeteries for the future

The purpose of a Permanent Care Fund is to provide funds for cemetery care and maintenance at such point in time as the cemetery is full and no longer generating any income.

Significant resources are needed to manage a cemetery.  There are roads to plow, maintain, and periodically replace.  The roofs of our mausoleums or buildings also need to be kept in good repair and replaced when needed.  The building themselves need to be maintained.  Our mausoleums at Resurrection and Gethsemane use heat and lights.  Of course, there’s mowing and trimming of the lawns, maintenance of landscaping and flower beds. Equipment needed to do all that work must be maintained and periodically replaced.  Trees need to be trimmed, sometimes taken down and replaced.  Even if a cemetery has no burials, some appropriate level of staffing is needed to manage the cemetery, care for the buildings and grounds, maintain records, and be available to answer questions.

The permanent care fund exists so that when the time comes, interest from the fund will pay for these ongoing maintenance needs of the cemetery.  We set aside 20% of every lot sale and 10% of every crypt or niche sale to place in our permanent care fund with a goal of building it for the future.  To maintain our cemeteries on the interest only will require significant funds. The Catholic Cemeteries is a nonprofit organization and donations to the permanent care fund are welcome.

We care deeply for our cemeteries and are committed to caring for them long after we’re all gone.  That’s why our Permanent Care Fund exists.  If you would like to join in helping to build that fund for the future, your gifts are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.