Memorial Donations

by | Dec 7, 2023

Donating in memory of someone is a special way to contribute to a cause, organization, or a community while recognizing and honoring a loved one. Especially this time of year, around the holidays, we think of those who we have lost over the years. One way to remember those who we miss during the holidays is to make a donation to an organization in memory of a loved one. Contributions to charitable and non-profit organizations have a lasting impact.  

A common practice when someone has passed away is to announce in the obituary “in lieu of flowers please donate to…..” either a specific organization or the charity of the donor’s choice. Why is this such a common practice? While flowers are beautiful and appreciated, they are also perishable. Some prefer to make a contribution that can be used to support a cause rather than providing a temporary and symbolic gesture like flowers. Also, when a person has been involved in charitable work or had a strong connection to a particular cause, friends and family may choose to make donations to organizations that align with the values and passions of the deceased.  Finally, expressing condolences through a donation can be seen as a way to offer comfort and support to the grieving family.  

In 2023, The Catholic Cemeteries was proud to team with Open Door Pantry in fundraising for those affected by food insecurity in Dakota County.  With each $25 donation or more, one ornament was added to the Christmas tree at Resurrection and Gethsemane Cemeteries. If a donation was made in memory of someone, their name were added to the website and to a sign next to each tree. The goal was to fill the tree with Christmas ornaments! Each financial gift to Open Door Pantry went directly towards feeding those 14,000+ food insecure people across Dakota County. The Eagan Pantry, Mobile Food Programs, and Garden to Table Program make food available where it is needed most.  

To learn more about Open Door Pantry, please visit their website: