Mausoleum Burial Options

Available for cremation inurnment and traditional entombment

Our mausoleums provide crypts and niches for both indoor and outdoor settings, with peaceful surroundings and gorgeous granite detailing.

Chapel Mausoleums

Our chapel mausoleums are located at Resurrection Cemetery and Gethsemane Cemetery. Each features an indoor chapel along with a variety of interior and exterior entombment options. The heated and air-conditioned chapels are open year-round and are used for committal services, Masses of remembrance and other special observances.

Garden Mausoleums

Garden mausoleums, located at Calvary Cemetery, St. Mary’s Cemetery and Gethsemane, offer exterior entombment only.

Mausoleum Crypts

Single Crypts

Single crypts are designed to hold one casket. No burial vault is needed. These are located in the mausoleums at Resurrection, Gethsemane, Saint Mary’s and Calvary.

Companion Crypts

Companion crypts are designed to hold two caskets and are available in three configurations; side by side, tandem, and couch. No burial vault is needed.

Private Above-Ground Mausoleum Options

At Resurrection and Gethsemane


Offers full-body burial for one or two persons.

Family Mausoleums

For burial of 1 to 24 persons, available in a multitude of designs and sizes.


Traditional Burial

Cremation Burial

Green burial