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Pre-Need Planning for Cemeteries in Woodbury, MN

The Catholic Cemeteries is an organization established in 1856 and built around the fundamental truth that death is not just an end but a beginning. We understand that every person deserves a personalized burial service that celebrates their life as well as peaceful and serene cemeteries in Woodbury, MN where people come together and remember the good times shared with those who have passed away. Our serene, lush grounds are expertly designed to foster closure, healing, and renewal, all in a setting that is meticulously maintained, indefinitely, to the highest standards. Whether you’re in need of immediate services, or proactively planning, we are here to guide you with the funeral care, expertise, and Christian compassion for which we are so well known. To honor and memorialize a loved one is to start a new journey. A journey of healing, remembrance, and love. Let our funeral professionals guide and help you during this trying moment of grief and loss. Contact us today at (651) 228-9991.

Do you know how important it is to pre-plan for cemeteries in Woodbury, MN? If you have life insurance, a medical directive, and a will, you need to consider reserving burial plots for you and your family. No one knows when death will occur, so it’s vital to save your family stress by pre-planning.

Woodbury MN Cemeteries

You can make plans for your own cemetery needs that may be decades in the future. Perhaps you know about a historic tree on the cemetery grounds that speaks to you. Reserve the burial spaces by the tree so that your family can visit and remember your fondness for that spot.

In addition, you do not want to pay extra to get burial sites by your family members when you waited too long to reserve the spots. Therefore, pre-planning will always save you money in the long run, not to mention the stress that your family will save by not having to worry about cemetery arrangements.

When you make plans for yourself, your family will not have to guess whether you want to be buried or cremated. They will not have to worry about what they choose for permanent memorialization and if it is good enough for you. Learn about the options now and get started on pre-need cemetery services.

Burial Options for Cemeteries in Woodbury, MN

There is more than one way to lay your loved one to rest. The more you know about your loved one’s preferences, the more you will be able to honor their preferences. Speak to your loved ones today about how they would like to be laid to rest at their time of death. The conversation can be sensitive, but you can approach it lovingly, making them feel heard and seen.

Here are some options for cemeteries in Woodbury, MN:

  • Traditional Burial: Lay your loved one side by side with their life partner in a traditional burial with a portrait grave marker or a beautiful grave monument. You can walk through the grounds and ponder as you find the spot where your loved one is buried, reading others’ names along the way, and picturing their lives and the legacies they left behind.
  • Mausoleums: The Catholic Cemeteries offer mausoleum burials that are tucked inside a structure, away from the outside elements. You can protect your loved one from extreme temperatures, high winds, and heavy downpours. In addition, you never have to worry about the current weather when you are looking to stop by and visit your loved one’s burial place.
  • Private Family Crypts: Ask our trusted team about burying your loved one’s side-by-side in private crypts. This tucked-away building is perfect for honoring your family and keeping them close together. If you are looking for privacy, The Catholic Cemeteries can accommodate your wishes.
  • Cremation Niches: Our cemetery reserves a special spot for the burial of cremated remains. The ashes are placed in niches which are then kept inside a columbarium. Your family and friends can stop by anytime to visit your loved one. Instead of keeping the urn inside a private residence, this more public option suits many families’ needs.
  • Green Burials: The environmental implications of cemetery burial can be unsettling. The staff will work tirelessly to minimize these impacts by skipping embalmment, choosing eco-friendly grave liners, and selecting casket materials that are biodegradable. In addition, the cemetery is diligent in offering green burial options to help you feel more comfortable with laying your loved one to rest.

Forget about what you know about cemetery burials and instead focus on what your loved one would have wanted. When you learn about in-ground and above-ground burial options, you will be able to choose the best burial for your family member.

Permanent Memorialization Options

You may not have considered how weighted a decision may feel when choosing memorials for your loved ones that will last for generations to come. So how do you sum up the legacy that your mom, dad, grandfather, or grandmother left behind in a memorial?

Our planning staff can guide you through the options as you choose the most appropriate memorial for your loved one:

  • Memorial benches
  • Upright monuments
  • Memorial portraits
  • Children memorials
  • Bronze emblems
  • Flower vases
  • Flush grave memorials

Instead of feeling pressure to break the bank on your loved one’s memorial, choose a symbol that is specific to their life. Think of something grandchildren and future family members will look upon with fondness.

Visit The Catholic Cemeteries for a Tour

Our team at The Catholic Cemeteries is available to show you around at your convenience. Picture your family and friends gathered around for the graveside service. Think of how special and close by it will be to visit your loved one’s remains and find solace among the beautiful gardens.

Speak with our team to make cemetery arrangements. Out of all the cemeteries in Woodbury, MN, The Catholic Cemeteries can relate to your beliefs and honor any request you may have. Give us a call today to get started.

Cemetery FAQs


How Long Do You Typically Own a Burial Plot?

It really depends on the cemetery on how long you own a burial plot. In general, though, you typically own the plot for as long as you are alive plus a set number of years (30 or 40 years is common). After that time, the plot goes back into the inventory of the cemetery and can be resold. To be sure about this,  it’s best to check your contract or contact the local cemetery personnel regarding their policies.


Can I Bury the Cremation Urns in Woodbury, MN?

In Minnesota, it is legal to bury cremation urns in cemeteries. There are many lovely and peaceful places to choose from in Woodbury, MN. Some people opt to bury their loved ones’ urns in the cemetery where they are already buried, while others prefer to find a new spot that feels right to them. Some cemeteries have special places for cremated remains, while others do not allow them to be buried at all. If you are unsure, you can always call the cemetery and ask or look up their policies online.


How Long Do Funeral Burials Normally Last in Woodbury, MN?

Though the time frame can differ depending on the cemetery, a typical funeral burial in Woodbury, MN lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour. This includes a brief service at the graveside where family and friends gather to say their final words and goodbye to their loved ones.