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The Catholic Cemeteries in New Hope, MN

Since 1856, The Catholic Cemeteries has been providing a wide range of faith-based burial options and cemeteries in New Hope, MN as well as the nearby areas. Our funeral professionals are offering personalized, end-of-life care, memorialization, and expert experience in a time of profound grief and change.  Many people believe that cemeteries are only for those who have passed away. However, our cemeteries are just as much for the living as they are for the dead. They provide a place for people to come and reflect on the lives of their loved ones, and to find comfort in knowing that they have a place to grieve and heal. The exquisite, peaceful beauty of our five cemetery properties reflects the depth of our Catholic mission to celebrate and honor the life of the loved ones who have passed away. If you are looking for a faith-based burial option and cemeteries, contact The Catholic Cemeteries today at (763) 537-4184.

While many cemeteries in New Hope, MN, will implement your traditions, choosing The Catholic Cemeteries is sure to keep your religious and family customs at the top of mind as you make arrangements for burial. You can always rely on our experienced team to understand your beliefs and work hard to honor them.

New Hope MN cemeteries

The cemetery is adorned with references to Christ and Catholic Saints. You will constantly be reminded how important God is in life and death. Our staff understands and shares your religious beliefs, making a more welcoming and comfortable space to explain your preferences for Catholic burial.

Options for Cemeteries in New Hope, MN

Perhaps you have only learned about traditional in-ground burials—your family reserves burial spaces on the cemetery lots. Then you can choose grave markers and ensure your loved ones are buried side by side. It makes perfect sense and can work for many families, but did you know there are other options for burial, including above-ground and cremation burial?

Read on to learn more:

  • Traditional Burial: You always have the option to bury your loved one in the ground next to other family members. When you imagine visiting a cemetery, you may picture walking through grassy, manicured grounds to find your loved one’s grave marker. This is a wonderful way to lay your loved one to rest. However, there are also other options.
  • Mausoleums: This indoor option is made possible through community mausoleums where your loved one can be buried above-ground, protected from extreme weather. When you visit, you do not have to wait for the weather to warm up or stand outside under the beating sun. Mausoleums can also offer private family burial areas. Ask our trusted team about mausoleum options that might fit your family’s needs.
  • Cremation Niches: Cemeteries are not only for the burial of bodies. You can also find solutions for the burial of cremated remains. The ashes are placed in niches that are then stored in a columbarium. Instead of taking the ashes home where only one person can visit the remains, you can keep the ashes in the cemetery. Then family and friends from near and far can have access to the deceased when they feel the need to connect.
  • Green Burial Options: For the environmentally conscious, you do not have to go through traditional burial options as the environmental implications weigh heavy on your mind. Work with our trusted staff to find a solution with green burial. You can make choices that have the least impact on the environment, such as skipping the embalmment, choosing biodegradable liner and casket material, and more.
  • Pre-Planning Cemetery Services: Perhaps you are already aware that you can reserve burial plots in advance. In the same way that you would plan for the unexpected by drawing up a will or purchasing life insurance, pre-planning cemetery services are just as necessary. No one knows when they are going to die. So, make plans for a loved one growing older, or create your own cemetery arrangements. Even if you don’t use the plans for decades, you can secure your burial spaces and know that your family will not have to start from scratch.

Learn about the options now so that you do not have to worry about these details when you are suffering a loss. Leave it to our expert team to take care of all of the plans for you. You can take care of your family and focus on what matters most.

Permanent Memorialization

Have you ever thought about permanent memorialization in cemeteries in New Hope, MN? These lasting decisions will represent the deceased for generations to come. When your family remembers your loved one, they will think about the memorial that was chosen at the time of death. You can select permanent memorialization in part of your pre-planning. Until then, learn about all the available options:

  • Memorial portraits
  • Upright monuments
  • Grave marker monuments
  • Flower vases
  • Memorial benches
  • Bronze emblems
  • Children memorials

No matter what you choose, your family will cherish the memorials at the cemetery. They will always remember their grandfather or great-aunt with great fondness. Do not feel pressured to spend loads of money on a grave monument. Instead, take inspiration from the heart and come up with something meaningful and specific to the deceased’s life. Our planning team can guide you through the available options to spark some ideas.

Choose The Catholic Cemeteries

Out of all of the cemeteries in New Hope, MN, The Catholic Cemeteries will take care of your needs with the most attentive and compassionate staff. Visit the grounds to take a tour and fall in love with the impeccable gardens. Your family will find comfort and solace in visiting such an accommodating and peaceful place when they want to feel connected to the deceased. Call today to get started on pre-planning services or making plans for an immediate need.

Cemetery FAQs


Do Bodies of the Deceased Stay Buried Forever in a Cemetery?

No, they don’t stay buried forever in a cemetery. There is usually a contract between the family of the deceased and the cemetery. Some cemeteries have perpetual care contracts, which means that they agree to maintain the property in perpetuity and that your loved one’s gravesite will never be reused. Other cemeteries typically have contracts that last around 25 to 50 years. After that time, the family of the deceased will need to make arrangements to have the body either moved or cremated.

How Do You Find Someone’s Burial Location in New Hope, MN?

If the deceased is buried in a cemetery, the burial location will be listed in the contract between the cemetery and the purchaser of the burial rights. If you do not have a copy of the contract, you can contact the cemetery to request the burial location. If the deceased is not buried in a cemetery, locating their burial location may be more difficult. You should contact family or friends to see if they know or check local funeral homes to see records.

How Much is the Usual Cost of Natural Burials in New Hope, MN?

The cost of a natural burial at The Catholic Cemeteries in New Hope, MN, starts at $2,045. This price includes the burial site and memorial service. Additional services such as a grave marker or niche placement can also be purchased. For more information on the cost of burials, please visit our website or contact us directly.