A Walk Through Time at Historic St. Mary’s Cemetery

by | Jun 28, 2024

On June 19th, we had the pleasure of hosting the Historic St. Mary’s Cemetery Walking Tour, an event that brought to life the fascinating history of our community’s past residents. It was a perfect spring day, setting an ideal backdrop for a journey through time, led by our esteemed Executive Director, Carol Bishop.

Attendees were immersed in the rich history of St. Mary’s Cemetery, which dates back to 1873. Carol’s expertise and passion for history shone through as she guided us through the cemetery, sharing stories of the notable individuals who rest here. From influential figures to infamous personalities, the tour was an eye-opening experience that deepened our appreciation for the legacy of those who have shaped our community.

A particularly memorable aspect of the tour was the focus on how to locate loved ones and notable individuals within St. Mary’s. Many attendees shared personal stories of their ancestors, making the event not only informative but also deeply personal and touching. It was heartwarming to see connections being made and histories being uncovered.

The tour highlighted several unique memorials and their meanings, offering a deeper understanding of the symbolism and artistry present within the cemetery. Among the standout notables were Anthony Kelly, a prominent grocer and wholesaler with a striking mausoleum; Dr. James Dunn, a pioneering surgeon and head of staff at St. Mary’s Hospital; and Elizabeth Quinlan, a trailblazing business woman whose women’s specialty store, opened in 1894, was only the second of its kind in the country. Time magazine once hailed her as “the most distinguished business woman in the United States.”

To add to the experience, attendees enjoyed refreshments and had the chance to win a gift card in a drawing. Everyone left with resources and some “swag” to remember the day. We are excited about the possibility of future tours, where we can continue to highlight the many influential inhabitants of St. Mary’s Cemetery.

Keep an eye on the “Events” section of our website to register for upcoming tours and events. We look forward to welcoming you to another journey through our history soon!